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Angie needs a home!

Adult Female Shepherd

Meet Angie! She is a sweetheart of a German shepherd mix--about 55 pounds of fun and spirit. Does she know how cute she looks with her four white feet and the white spots on her chest and around her mouth? She is between 3 and 4 years old and has all her vaccinations. She is also fixed and is house trained! She is a very good-natured dog who loves her walks (she gets very excited when the leash comes out) and gets along great with all her canine housemates. She loves to be outside and enjoys surveying the yard while her foster parents work in the gardens. She really enjoys chasing her tennis ball and will sit patiently with it between throws. She is very athletic too and has amazed her foster family when she glides effortlessly over flower pots and containers. When she is indoors, she loves to curl up in her dog bed and sometimes just stretches on tile floors, looking ever so cool and comfortable. She enjoys meeting people and wags that thick beautiful tail when making new friends. You can catch her at upcoming Meet and Greet events (check the Tiny Miracles Rescue site for dates and times). If you complete an application for her, the foster family will be in touch and arrangements can be made for your own private meet and greet! Angie will make a wonderful addition to a lucky family--maybe yours!!


Chauncey needs a home!

Adult Male Pit Bull Terrier

Meet Chauncey a large pit mix, four years old, 80 to 85 lbs. He enjoys playing with other dogs, walking the neighborhood, park or trail and even going for a swim. He also likes just relaxing with you, around the house with a nice bone to gnaw on. Crate trained and house broken Chauncey is looking for his forever home with an experienced owner. He is head strong, smart and a bit of a sneak at times. This handsome pit walks well on leash. He is an avid lover of toys and seems to prefer hard plastic toys that are good for chomping on. We don't know how he is with cats, but he is fantastic meeting new dogs, people and even children. Chauncey is up-to-date on his shots, neutered and eagerly awaiting to meet his forever family.


Daisy needs a home!

Senior Female Shih Tzu

***Special needs senior*** Daisy is a 12 year old senior gal who is up to date on shots and also spayed. Daisy has been diagnosed with Pemphigus and will most likely be on meds for the rest of her life. She takes one pill every 48 hours. She is also on a steroid of half a pill every twelve hours. The best way to describe Daisy is sensitive with a keep on chugging right a long with her disease. As with all seniors Daisy is not the Rock and roll type, she enjoys a walk and spending her time parked on the couch or curled up in her bed. This old bird does come with some quirks. One being, you can't just pick her up if she doesn't initiate. She has trust issues with men, so going slow and building a relationship with her is key. Daisy has had her world rocked. Finding herself dumped at a high kill shelter in October, to be time stamped to die in one night and saved in the nick of time. What was thought to be a senior who was matted with bad teeth, turned out to be a senior who was under weight topped with two tennis ball, bladder stones taking up shop inside her tiny bladder. After her surgery Daisy lost all of her hair and was diagnosed as having an immune disease. Daisy has put what life she lived behind her and is ready for a family who will look past her disease and she how much of a sweet, sensitive old bird she really is. Daisy currently lives with three other dog's, who respect her need for space. So no hyper dog's for this gal. If your looking for a dog who thrives on being treated like a princess, then you really need to meet Daisy. If you are interested in Daisy, please submit an application. Any questions can be answered by her foster mom at Sant4619@yahoo.com.


Dutch needs a home!

Young Male Pit Bull Terrier/Unknown mix

Have you been dreaming of a snugly, sweet, playful, bundle of love to call your very own??? Then your dreams might be coming true! Let me introduce you to the man of your dreams! His name is Dutch and he's waiting to find his furever home. He was pulled from a shelter in Philadelphia in the nick of time! He's settling in very nicely at his foster mom's and is really coming into his own. He's roughly 5 years young and a 55lb pitbull mix. He enjoys long walks, rolling in the grass, sunbathing, and snuggling up next to you after a long day. He's fully potty trained and his crate training is going great. He loves to play with other dogs and is good with all people, young and old. He's learning basic commands but still needs some work on leash training. Is this sounding like the boy for you? If you're thinking this might be love at first site then hurry up and fill out an application for our boy Dutch!


Ernesto needs a home!

Young Male Mastiff/Unknown mix

Hey everyone! I am Ernesto, a 1 year old Mastiff Mix. I am a very sweet, curious, and very playful. I love toys, food, having adventures in my foster moms' backyard, and using my ability to make anything into a plaything...and I mean anything. My foster moms believe I would do well in a home with people who can be dominant and loving, and with kids 10 and up. Because I am still a young boy, I need guidance and training to help me better myself but I will give back lots of love in return. So what do you say? Want to get to know a handsome boy like me?


Honey needs a home!

Young Female Pit Bull Terrier

Honey is a pocket pittie. She's about 2-3 years old. She is very shy, with a curious side that comes out as she gets comfortable. She is learning her basic commands. She is learning to trust... so slow and steady will win her heart! She has come so far and is looking forward to a loving home that will help this sweet and gentle girl thrive!


Lucy needs a home!

Female     *****Courtesy Crosspost*****

Unfortunately, Lucy's mom is moving to assisted living, where she will not be able to take her. Lucy is all black, a smaller build, but she "never lost the baby weight" from her kittens. She does have skin irritations from time to time, but these resolve themselves and she is otherwise a healthy 15 year old cat. She sleeps most of the time (to be expected), but still jumps on my mom's lap to cuddle and sleeps with my mom - again, she's a "people" cat. She's always done fine with other animals as well. If you are interested in Lucy, please contact jhaas511@gmail.com.

*****Please Note that this Animal is not a Tiny Miracles Animal. They are crossposted here as a courtesy to the person trying to re-home them. Please email the contact above if you are interested in meeting them.


Mattea needs a home!

Senior Female Cat    *****Courtesy Crosspost*****

This is Metea’ she is a 14 year old tortie. I have had Tea’ since she was 2 years old and she has always been indoors. She is declawed and spayed and loves to cuddle! We are expecting in February and regrettably can no longer keep her, we want her to go to a good home where she will be as loved as she has been with us!!! We would love to see them (see Gizmo) to go to the same loving home however we understand if that is not possible. Please contact me if you are interested in taking one or both of these girls!!! Thank you so much! Becky Davis 215-429-1856 or bld116@gmail.com

*****Please Note that this Animal is not a Tiny Miracles Animal. They are crossposted here as a courtesy to the person trying to re-home them. Please email the contact above if you are interested in meeting them.


Olaf needs a home!

Young Male Pit Bull Terrier

Hi, my name is Olaf, and I like warm hugs! I also like families, and am in the market for one of my own! That's right, I'm single and ready to mingle! Being alone made me sad for a little while, but in the end I decided it was best to "Let it go"! After all, the past is in the past, and I am ready for my future! So what qualifications do I have, besides my stunning good looks? Well, as I said before, I love warm hugs and cuddles! I'm only about two years old, so I have some energy and like to run around a bit, so a fenced in yard is a must! I also like to climb fences, my foster mom says I'm mischievous, but I think I'm pretty smart, really! I've been working my hardest with my trainer, and I'm getting really good at walking on a lead and listening to my humans! Oh, and do I love humans! Big humans, small humans. Maybe not too small, though. I sometimes forget my size and jump up, so humans over the age of 10 are preferred. Have a doggy sibling for me? Great! I'd love to meet and see how we get along! So if your heart is big enough to love all of me, apply today!


Penny needs a home!

Adult Female Hound/Staffordshire Terrier mix

Hi, everyone! My name is Penny and I hope you are enjoying summer as much as I am! I am 3-1/2 years old and everyone calls me a "Great American Combo Dog"--some hound, some terrier, maybe even a little ridgeback. I weigh about 50 pounds and have all my vaccinations. I am spayed and I have a microchip, too. I am crate and house trained, and love my walks. But chasing balls in the yard has to be the best-ever activity--I love to run and leap and I go go go until I am all tuckered out. I sometimes bring my ball toys inside in hopes that the fun would continue. I get along just fine with my canine housemates, although my pet parents think I would be fine as a single dog, too--as long as I have loving pet parents who enjoy snuggling as much as I do! I am relaxed around older kids, but I feel a bit anxious around smaller children. I would do best in a cat-free house. Would you like to see more pictures of me..or better yet, meet me in person? Just fill out an application and my foster family will be in touch!


PJ needs a home!

Adult Male Labrador Retreiver

My name is PJ! I am a five year old Lab mix weighing about 60 lbs. I love to play ball, get my belly rubbed and cuddle. I am house trained, walk nicely on a harness/leash, and I am good with other dogs and kids. However, I like older dogs that don't bite at me like puppies do. My foster parents say that I am a very good boy, that I am happy, sweet and eager to please. I love working for treats and learning new tricks! I am looking for someone to love me, could that be you?


Rocky needs a home!

Adult Male Terrier

Say Hello to Rocky. Rocky is a pittie mix. He is about 4 years old and weighs around 50 lbs. Rocky had a home with a family, but unfortunately they had to move and couldn't take him with them. He is house trained and crate trained. He walks well on a leash. He loves to take walks or just play in the back yard. He meets a lot of dogs on the walking track behind his foster's house and is very good with them. He would love for them all to stop and play with him. He is very good with kids. He plays with all kinds of toys. He loves snuggle time on the couch; he says it's his favorite especially in the morning and at night. He is a lovable clown that will make you chuckle. He's looking for a new fur-ever home - could it be yours?


Roxy needs a home!

Adult Female Border Collie/Labrador Retreiver mix     *****Courtesy Crosspost*****

Roxy is a good natured dog. We believe she is a border collie / black lab mix. She is very intelligent and agile. She is good with adults, children and other animals. We have owned her for 7 years. She is gentle around babies and toddlers and lives currently with a cat. She is submissive around other dogs and once she acclimates to them, she enjoys play time. Roxy is a very energetic dog and benefits from walks and/or runs. She is good on a leash. She prefers to be outdoors during the day. She loves to fetch tennis balls and Frisbees and is very good at it. She enjoys having tasks- whether it is catching a ball in her mouth or chasing geese off our back yard. She tends to be a jumper as most border collies are. She barks when bored. She is good in the car and follows basic commands. Her intelligence and innate desire to be put to work would make a great fit for the right owner. Please contact jen.zerweck@gmail.com for more information.

*****Please Note that this Animal is not a Tiny Miracles Animal. They are crossposted here as a courtesy to the person trying to re-home them. Please email the contact above if you are interested in meeting them.

Sheeba & Zorro

Sheeba & Zorro needs a home!

Senior Husky    *****Courtesy Crosspost*****

Sheeba and Zorro are looking for a new home. They would be best in a home without other smaller animals. I realize that asking someone to take both huskies is a lot, but ideally I don’t want to separate them for obvious reasons, although I would consider it if taking one was the only option. They are wonderful, healthy, loving animals, 100% pure bred huskies, and I would do anything short of giving them up if i could, but my family simply cannot take care of them anymore, and I have to find a loving home that can give them the attention and compassion they so truly deserve. Sheeba is a female, 12 years old, and is the one standing on the carpet. Zorro, her little brother, is 8. If interested in finding out more please send an email to sixers34@yahoo.com

*****Please Note that this Animal is not a Tiny Miracles Animal. They are crossposted here as a courtesy to the person trying to re-home them. Please email the contact above if you are interested in meeting them.


Walter needs a home!

Adult Male Chihuahua    *****Courtesy Crosspost*****

Meet the dapper little guy named Walter! Walter has been living at a vet's office, where he was brought in as a stray. He is approx 10 yrs old & is super friendly with humans and other dogs. Walter is an easygoing boy who walks great on a leash, loves playing in the yard or just relaxing by your side. The vet staff love this charming pup! If you are interested in giving Walter a permanent home, please contact Valley Veterinary Hospital for more info at 610-935-8110.

*****Please Note that this Animal is not a Tiny Miracles Animal. They are crossposted here as a courtesy to the person trying to re-home them. Please email the contact above if you are interested in meeting them.
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