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Angel needs a home!

Young Female Feist

Have you heard that brindle is the new black! Meet sweet Angel, a 2 year old beautiful brindled Feist. Ok, how big do you think she is. Whatever you guessed is wrong! Angel is maybe 18 pounds (soaking wet )and only 11 inches high. She's a feist. Look them up! She's a terribly sweet and friendly little gal. Her foster mom cannot find one thing to be mad about! Very well crate trained (not a peep), loves to play with her toys, cuddle on couch, plays well with kids and dogs (she is a little submissive so don't be a bully). Likes to play with the cat because she is actually more the cat's size. Hahahaha. Really an all around sweet pup! Spayed, up to date on vaccines, micro chipped and ready to go to her forever home!


Butchie needs a home!

Baby Male Chihuahua/Feist mix


Holden needs a home!

Adult Male Pointer/Hound mix

**I HAVE SOME SPECIAL NEEDS*** Trust me, it's nothing that can't keep me from loving and playing and snuggling but I want you to know...I was the victim of a shooting and have a piece of the shrapnel sitting on my spine. My hero tried everything but it cannot be removed. When I'm in the house I need to wear a diaper and a belly band to prevent me from dripping. But look at my smile. None of this bothers me. I am a 4 year old 52 pointer hound mix who just loves to have attention from anyone who will give it. I am ready to play so of course I like toys, treats, playing with my foster doggies, and especially people. I am the kind of dog who is very flexible, and by flexible I don't mean I can do splits (boy would that be hard) I mean I would be fine chilling at home or cruising town on a leash. Please say YES!! I am up to date on my vaccines, crate trained, and good on a leash......


Julia needs a home!

Young Female Pit Bull Terrier

Hi there. My name is Julia. I was found very emaciated and tied to a pole in North Philly. My luck changed when a rescue found out about me and I went to live with my foster family. Yeah for me, then things really started looking up. I am a beautiful 2 year old Pittie mix. I've heard folks say gorgeous but that's enough. I now weigh a whooping 58 pounds (a welcome gain after barely being 33 pounds when I was saved). My foster mom says I'm a perfect blend of spunk and chill and really, who doesn't love that combo. I just loooove playing ball in the yard and then give me a spot on the couch and we are all good! And I'm house trained and crate trained. I'm playful and respectful of other pups. What else? Oh, since I sometimes don't know I'm 58 pounds and not 33, I would really like if you have an active home with older children (I might on accident knock over a small one). What I would really like is a nice yard and a ball thrower. It would be great if you are familiar with my strong breed. You need more? Ok, I'm spayed, up to date on vaccines, microchipped and ready to go to my forever family! Think you fit the bill? My foster mom will be the judge of that. She wants you to apply at www.tinymiraclesrecue.com and be my hero!


Kendra needs a home!

Young Female Labrador Retreiver

Gracie is my nickname, playing is my game. I love to run and play with the dogs in my foster home. If you have a nice fenced in yard and another playful pooch, I may just be your girl. My vital statistics are: 1 and a half years old, Lab mix, 60 lbs, spayed and up to date on my vaccinations. Do you have room for me in your life and home?


Lilly needs a home!

Young Female

My name is Lilly. I'm an outgoing and friendly 2 year old perfect little 45 pound Heinz 57 gal who's been dealt a rough hand. I was once a throw away dog, emaciated and sick. Kind folks got me all better and I went to obedience training where I excelled! I come with my official Good Canine Citizen award! Cause I'm not only cute,I'm super smart. I'm a little rockstar gal who picks up tricks quickly and will do almost anything for a treat! I've had successful play meetings with both male and female dogs and do best when I'm introduced slowly (nobody likes to pushed around). I like men and women and children equally and would prefer calm or older children best (those little ones can be pushy, too). I am comfortable in my crate and walk well on my leash. To curb my overall excitement at life, I really would like a good exercise walk every day. If you are an active couple, or a family with a big yard (and a tennis ball), or an empty nester who has time to walk me, I'm your gal.


Max needs a home!

Young Male Pit Bull Terrier

Hi – My name is Max. I am a year old neutered male who is up-to-date on all my shots. I am a pit mix – white with black spots that roll into a luscious dark brindle. I came from Oklahoma from a nice lady who took me in after I was tossed out of my home – I am not sure why – but maybe they didn’t have time for me or could not afford to feed me. When this nice neighbor took me in I was only 38 pounds. Now i'm a healthy 53! I have foster siblings to play with (2 males and a female). I am a really sweet boy – who is still learning some manners, but my foster Momma says – I am learning by leaps and bounds every day. I am potty trained, so smart that when I go towards the door – you better move it- I gotta go. I walk phenomenally on a leash. I am learning – sit, stay, and paw. I love playing tug, ball, and running around with my foster siblings. I am looking for a home where I could have a fur-sibling. I lived with a lady who had cats in Oklahoma and they don't bother me at all! I am not sure about kids – but I don’t see a problem –just make sure I don't knock them down. My foster momma will be bringing kids around- yeah- another set of hands to pet me. Please complete an application so you can bring me home. Can't wait!!


Munchkin needs a home!

Baby Male Chihuahua/Feist mix

Meet MUNCHKIN, a 15 week Chi/Feist bundle of adorableness. This little guy will have you smiling all day. Less than 10 pounds, full grown he might top the scale at 18-22! What a happy face to come home to every day....MUNCHKIN is mastering the art of puppyness- playing, cuddling and sleeping! He is chilling with his southern foster learning new tricks every day and will be here in Bucks County early March. MUNCHKIN is up to date on age appropriate vaccines, neutered, and microchipped! In other words, ready to go! Get your application in for this little boy- he will scooped up quickly. MUNCHKIN is neutered, heartworm negative, microchipped and up to date on age appropriate core vaccines. Adoption fee is $395. As with all rescue animals, breed determination cannot be validated without genetic testing. Visit www.tinymiraclesrescue.com and click on the APPLY tab for an overview of Tiny Miracles adoption process. Thanks for adopting and saving a life -- you are MUNCHKIN'S hero!


Olaf needs a home!

Young Male Pit Bull Terrier

Hi, my name is Olaf, and I like warm hugs! I also like families, and am in the market for one of my own! That's right, I'm single and ready to mingle! Being alone made me sad for a little while, but in the end I decided it was best to "Let it go"! After all, the past is in the past, and I am ready for my future! So what qualifications do I have, besides my stunning good looks? Well, as I said before, I love warm hugs and cuddles! I'm only about two years old, so I have some energy and like to run around a bit, so a fenced in yard is a must! I also like to climb fences, my foster mom says I'm mischievous, but I think I'm pretty smart, really! I've been working my hardest with my trainer, and I'm getting really good at walking on a lead and listening to my humans! Oh, and do I love humans! Big humans, small humans. Maybe not too small, though. I sometimes forget my size and jump up, so humans over the age of 10 are preferred. Have a doggy sibling for me? Great! I'd love to meet and see how we get along! So if your heart is big enough to love all of me, apply today!


Peanut needs a home!

Baby Male Chihuahua/Feist mix


Rocky needs a home!

Adult Male Terrier

Say Hello to Rocky. Rocky is a pittie mix. He is about 4 years old and weighs around 50 lbs. Rocky had a home with a family, but unfortunately they had to move and couldn't take him with them. He is house trained and crate trained. He walks well on a leash. He loves to take walks or just play in the back yard. He meets a lot of dogs on the walking track behind his foster's house and is very good with them. He would love for them all to stop and play with him. He is very good with kids. He plays with all kinds of toys. He loves snuggle time on the couch; he says it's his favorite especially in the morning and at night. He is a lovable clown that will make you chuckle. He's looking for a new fur-ever home - could it be yours?


Sunny needs a home!

Baby Male Chihuahua/Feist mix

Meet SUNNY, a 15 week Chi/Feist bundle of adorableness. This little guy will have you smiling all day. Less than 10 pounds, full grown he might top the scale at 18-22! What a happy face to come home to every day....SUNNY is mastering the art of puppyness- playing, cuddling and sleeping! He is chilling with his southern foster learning new tricks every day and will be here in Bucks County early March. SUNNY is up to date on age appropriate vaccines, neutered, and microchipped! In other words, ready to go! Get your application in for this little boy- he will scooped up quickly.

Tony Danza

Tony Danza needs a home!

Adult Male Greyhound

Tony Danza is a super fast super sweet 6 year Italian Greyhound mix of about 12 lbs. He needs a home with loving people who understand his adorable, complicated little self with the energy to exercise him regularly.   True to his breed, Tony is agile and slippery so he needs a home that is far from traffic so his escapes aren't life threatening. He can outrun cats , bikes, and all humans. Although Tony has the spirit to run, he is a hugely cute and happy snuggler.  ​ He gets along with some smaller dogs, but not cats.   Sadly, Tony was abandoned by his family due to divorce and then became a victim of the recent floods.  He slept and played with his two children and ran with his adults and would love another home where he could cuddle and have daily exercise.  He is exceptionally sweet and easily makes those around him smile. 


Walter needs a home!

Young Male

Don’t let those wrinkles fool you - Walter is mix of energy and pure silliness. His foster family believes Walter (aka Wally, Wallace, Walnut, Walla-Walla Bing Bong, Wallaford, and sometimes it’s “REALLY WALTER?!?”) is a mix of several different breeds that would probably include Boxer, a few from the Terrier group, Rottweiler and some other type of herding breed. He is 1-2 years old, weighs about 55 lbs, is neutered, HW negative, and UTD on all his vaccinations. Walter gets along with other dogs (but can be irritating to older/calmer dogs) and would do best in a home with younger, more active dogs that are comparable to him in size or bigger. He has not been tested with cats. Walter is still very puppy-like in that he will still mouth/bite hands in play and jumps up so I would not recommend young children (under the age of 10 - or older if not dog savvy). He is a power chewer, with very powerful jaws - but usually only with his toys (and plastic bottles/jugs). He is crate trained but has had the run of the house with 4 of his foster siblings for 3 weeks now and has had NO issues. He is housebroken and trained on an invisible fence. He knows sit, shake, lay-down, come, and we are working on stay. He loves to play fetch and has a vertical jump of about 5 feet (as of right now, with no training). He is very smart and would be great trained in agility. He needs to work on leash manners and still wants to play non-stop like a puppy. Walter needs an owner who is the Alpha pack leader, however, Walter is NOT alpha with other dogs (the last 7 weeks in his foster home he has been submissive with his 4 foster siblings – 2 males and 2 females). Walter is located in a foster home near Bloomsburg, PA. If you are interested in meeting Walter, you must be willing to travel to his foster home.


Winston needs a home!

Young Male Hound

Hound Lovers Meet WINSTON. This 8 month old hound boy is a heart stealer. WINSTON loves to be near the kids in the house- not clingy- but in a I want to be near you way. Very sweet. He is crate trained and learning is manners. WINSTON would make any family happier just having him around.

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